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As a child, I spent most of my time on creative activities and was always fascinated with patterns. Being brought up in the countryside led to a particular interest in nature and the formation of natural patterns. However, with the onset of urban development, the countryside was rapidly disappearing, so for me the next best thing was the garden, but this was short lived, due to several changes in circumstances that also disappeared, and I found myself living in a ‘concrete jungle’.

It was many years before artistic activities came back, when they did, it was in the form landscape and portrait painting. I attended recreational classes, and painted in my very limited spare time for number of years, then surprise, surprise, I was blessed with a garden again! Now full of enthusiasm, in 1987 I studied horticulture at Stourbridge College becoming a keen horticulturist.

Although I still painted for pleasure, deep down there was always a yearning to be a professional artist. In 1992, I decided to make this a reality. I attended Stourbridge College for a foundation in art and design and continued on to complete a degree on the subject. In 1997 I graduated from the University of Central England in Birmingham with a first class BA (Hons) degree. Those five years of serious study brought many changes in my views, opinions and practices of art. With so many opportunities, ideas and techniques I soon learnt there was a lot more to art than picking up a paint brush!

As my interest in photography and digital art grew, and I found it to be an important asset to my work, I returned to Stourbridge College to complete a short course in creative computing.

The digital prints result from studying subjects under high magnification. They are mainly botanical due to my interests and experiences as a horticulturalist.

The textile panels involve stretching or manipulating appropriately patterned fabric over a structural support. This reveals sensory stimulating patterns. The technique has derived from my fascination in portraying the visual effects of stress and from many years of work on the subject. The work attempts to depict the stressful patterns of human emotion, thoughts and sayings in a visual sense. The final images endeavor to transform these negative patterns into positive, decorative, often sinuous images by exertion of ‘physical’ stress.

Influences and ideas

Most of my work has been influenced by personal experiences or interests, and usually has a visual impact through the use of colour, pattern or optical illusion. Click Here to read textile or botanical statements.

Working Practice

As a visual artist, I work with a variety of techniques and materials such as fabric, found objects, paint and photography. Working also as a digital artist, I undertake various types of design work. Currently my two main creative areas are digital prints and textile wall panels. To create the prints I use macro photography, and in some cases a flat bed scanner. The images are corrected and magnified by computer to reveal the structural pattern and texture necessary for the end result. Details for the textile panels can be found on my textile statement, please go on the link above to statements.

Exhibitions and Events

Due to personal obligations, I did not fully commit to artistic pursuits till 2004. Since then, at every opportunity, I partake in exhibitions, events, art fairs and commissions. Below is a selection of past exhibitions and events.

  • Affordable Art Fair Paris
  • Red Dot, New York
  • Affordable Art Fair London
  • Botanical Gardens, Birmingham
  • The Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair, London
  • Bridge Art Fair Miami
  • Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam
  • Bridge Art Fair London
  • Battersea Contemporary Art Fair, London
  • Waterloo Gallery, London
  • Hackwood Art Festival’ Basingstoke
  • Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham
  • Exhibition for the Business Environment, Oroganon Ltd, Cambridge
  • Open Spaces Open Places’ Northampton
  • Untitled Gallery, London

  • I took part in two uk Cowparades, London 2002 and Manchester 2004. For anyone not familiar with Cowparade, artists submit designs for cows. These designs are viewed and maybe selected by various companies; the artist is then required to transfer their designs onto full size fibreglass cows. The cows are exhibited in chosen areas around the cities creating a huge public art exhibition. They are eventually sold at auction to raise money for charity.


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