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Textile Op Art - Contemporary Botanical Prints - Greeting Cards by Helen Owen

Decorative textile panels produced by colour, op art pattern and mixed media, creating abstract and contemporary art, enhancing modern interior design with eye catching fabric op art.

Exciting approach to botanical prints through digital art and macro photography, using plants and flowers to create colourful contemporary botanical prints.

Photographic Greeting cards, with Botanical and Textile Op Art images.



Exploring the botanical world inspired me to produce images which express, not only beauty but visual impact, through colour, pattern and texture. With the aid of macro photography and computer generated magnification, this has been possible, revealing not only many of these underlying qualities, but many surprises along the way.


My textile work represents an abiding fascination with stress, as both an element of the artistic process, and as an intrinsic part of our lives. The tensions in my work are established by the use of colour, pattern and optical illusion, to create a compelling sense of force and movement.


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